Yellow Sapphires

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Sapphires are remarkable stones that are an excellent alternative gemstone to a diamond for engagement ring and other gemstone jewelry. But many jewelry consumers often associate sapphires with the color blue. But these amazing colored gemstones come in a variety of magnificent colors and hues. Some of these colors include: pink, green, and yellow. In fact, yellow sapphires are a great sapphire color that represents the warm and bright sunshine of a beautiful summer’s day. Yellow sapphires come in a huge array of different color hues such as light yellow (that can resemble fancy yellow diamonds) or deeper intense shades that can appear orange-like. Furthermore, yellow sapphire range from very light canary to an ultra golden color tone. And the most in-demand color tone is a medium vibrant canary yellow that will show good color and light reflection in all lighting conditions. This tone is comparable to yellow diamonds.
The scientific name for the sapphire is corundum, which is an aluminum oxide mineral. And gemstones in the corundum mineral family are very hard stones with a rating of 9 out of 10 on the Moh’s Hardness Scale. The only gemstone harder than corundum are diamonds, making sapphires a perfect alternative for an engagement ring.
90% of colored gemstones are the market has been heat treated to enhance the natural color of the stone. Heat treatment is an acceptable enhancement for colored gemstones, but for colored gemstone purest, unheated sapphires are also sold. However, these natural unheated stones are very rare and fetch a much higher price on the market.
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Sapphires can be mined from all over the world. However, Sri Lanka (formally called “Ceylon”) is the only location where fine quality yellow sapphires are mined. In fact, at INTA Gems & Diamonds, our owner Jerry Young travels to the mines in Sri Lanka to hand-pick each sapphire. Therefore, we guarantee, that are Ceylon sapphires are of the finest quality.
Unfortunately, unlike blue and pink sapphires, yellow sapphires are not as valued because people generally think of blue and pink for sapphires. However, these stones are actually very rare, yet lower in price than the more common colors. In actual fact, yellow sapphires are starting to show a steady increase in popularity. Soon, they will be just as popular as their blue and pink counterparts.  At INTA Gems, we sell a gorgeous selection of fine quality Ceylon yellow sapphires in a variety of shapes and sizes.