Updated: Jun 7, 2019

We often are asked about what is the difference between PLATINUM vs WHITE GOLD.

Essentially, platinum and white gold are both white metals that really work great in jewelry, like engagement rings and wedding bands. White metals have become more popular than yellow gold, hence, there was a need to develop a more affordable version of white-looking durable metal like platinum – white gold was the answer.

Here are some PROS & CONS of both metals.

Platinum: Pros: Naturally white, stays the same weight over time, it has a nice “heft” or weight to it, and is technically more precious than gold. Cons: Generally more expensive, tends to pick up scratches over time.

White Gold: Pros: Beautiful shine, lighter if you don’t want something so heavy, and is more affordable. Cons: Needs to be “rhodiumed” or [rhodium-]plated to stay white every couple of years.

Both metals are really beautiful. Honestly, it’s best to try on a few of white gold rings and platinum rings to see what YOU like and what fits your lifestyle. We don’t think that one is better than the other. It’s a preference that one best understands by physically feeling the difference. Come into the store at INTA Gems, and we’ll be happy to show you, and let you FEEL the difference in person.

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